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Workplace CSA

Please call us at 978-261-5365 or email us to learn more about customizing a Workplace CSA program for your team.

Our Workplace CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is customized for companies offering unique health & wellness benefits to their employees. By partnering with Siena Farms, your co-workers gain access to our fresh vegetables delivered to their home or workplace.

Q: What seasons and Shares are available for Workplace CSA members?

A: All of our CSA options are available, however, our core Workplace CSA provides participating employees with a box of veggies to bring home any 12 weeks of their choosing throughout our 24-week peak harvest season (summer and fall). So for Season 2022, that would be June 6 through November 14. At a cost of $560 per share, this membership is comparable to our Peak-Season FLEX Share but offered at a 20% bulk discount. That said, Workplace CSA memberships are highly flexible, can happen any time of year, and can be customized around your company’s specific needs and goals.

Q: How many members are required for a Workplace CSA?

A: We can accommodate a wide range of scales, from a couple dozen shares per week up to several hundred. 

Q: Does the company cover the cost of the CSA memberships for its employees, or do the employees purchase their own farm shares?

A: We can accommodate either approach, including a hybrid model of cost sharing between employer and employee.

Q: What are the perks of a Workplace CSA?

A: In addition to promoting overall health for your employees by making it affordable, easy and delicious for them to eat lots of veggies, our goal for the Workplace CSA program is to build a lasting relationship between Siena Farms and your company.  The perks for the farm of course include the unique resilience provided by the CSA model, when our customer base fully shares in the inherent risks, and delicious rewards, of farming here in New England.

Q: Sounds great!  But is it a lot of time and paperwork to set up?

A: Nope and nope!  We're a small farm business, with no hoops to jump through.  If you have paperwork requirements for us such as liability insurance certificates, etc., we're happy to accommodate, but on our end a simple phone call to choose delivery schedule and a start date is pretty much it.  Payments to the farm for Workplace CSA memberships can be paid from an invoice with credit card or check, by the company or by individual employees, depending on the customized arrangement.

Q: How do I let my employees know about the Workplace CSA?

A: We’re happy to provide marketing materials, including photos, flyers, logos, and more — anything that would be helpful for you to communicate the opportunity to your co-workers.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We will deliver directly to your office building, if your team is back in the office, and/or directly to individual homes through our courier service. We’re able to reach most addresses in MA from Worcester east, including Cape Cod and the North Shore, plus all of Metro Boston and Metro West.  You can view our current delivery range here.

Q: When do you deliver?

A: Together, we’ll determine which day(s) of the week work best for your site.

Q: If we are back to working in the office and arrange for delivery to the building, how does it work?

A:  Our driver delivers the farm shares by an agreed-upon time each week. Most sites use a “self-serve” model with farm share boxes stacked in a designated spot for members to pickup. We provide a weekly printed check-list (each member checks off their name when they pick up their share). Members communicate directly with the farm about their individualized “FLEX” weekly pickup schedule to work around travel and vacation dates, etc.

Thank you for your interest in Siena Farms!  Please call Anna or Farmer Chris at 978-261-5365 or email us to learn more about customizing a Workplace CSA for your team.

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