New! SMALL sized Vegetable Shares are now available!

Sofra Lover's Share FAQ

Q: Yum, Yum, Yum, I can’t wait! But can you tell me more about what will be in each week’s box?

A: Each box will be a little bit different, and like the farm’s veggie CSA boxes, a lovely surprise each week. The Sofra Share will include a mix of sweet items (cookies & pastries) and savory items (oven-ready meals, meze, snacks, spices) and will be mostly (but not exclusively) vegetarian.

Q: How big are the shares? How many people will they typically feed?  How will it be packaged/delivered?

A: The Sofra Share will be packed in third-bushel waxed boxes (same size box as our Kids’, Mushroom, and Small Vegetable Shares). All items within the box will be in their own containers, the boxes will be lined as needed to protect from the elements, and transport and delivery will be made in temperature controlled vans. The volume in each box can generally be thought of as a full meal for two, or happily shared among a larger group of snackers!

Q: Can these shares be customized for dietary restrictions or individual preferences?

A: Not at this time... They’ll contain a wide range of ingredients during the course of the share, thus not a recommended option for those with food allergies.

Q: This is like the best idea EVER!  How did it come to be?

A: The concept for our CSR (Community Supported Restaurant) shares was born during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, when every restaurant in the area — perhaps every restaurant on the planet — was presented with fundamental challenges to its business model. Thinking outside of the box (get it?) was necessary, and in this case, turned out to be quite fun! We hope this new way of sourcing the beautiful flavors of Sofra will bring bits of joy, health, and sustenance to your own home dining rooms, while it continues to help the bakery thrive and grow.

Please note: we are currently sold out of our Sofra Lover's Shares for the season. You can sign up for our waitlist here!