Here we go SPRING! Reserve your Spring & Four-Season Farm Shares by Wed. March 6th to begin week of March 11th.

Overview of C.S.A. Farm Shares

Types of Shares

Our C.S.A. is available year-round or seasonally. You can register for individual Single-Season Vegetable Farm Shares (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter); Multi-Season Farm Shares (Peak-Season, Four-Season); or Three-Year Farm Shares at a bundled discount.

We also offer Specialty Shares which feature a specific crop like mushrooms, corn & fruit, extra tomatoes, or sunflowers. Our Kids’ Farm Share is designed for the aspiring young cooks in your life, and our Dahlia Share marks a new chapter of specialty cut flower production here on the farm.

Our Community Sponsored Farm Shares provide weekly vegetable Farm Shares to local families facing food insecurity in Greater Boston and NYC.

Our Employer Sponsored Farm Share program is customized for local organizations interested in providing a weekly box of Siena Farms' vegetables to their employees' homes or workplace, as a healthy, simple, and delicious wellness benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A year-round CSA in New England? What does that look like?

A: 2024 will be our nineteenth growing season as a CSA farm. Ten years ago, we challenged ourselves and our members to take our seasonal CSA program to the next level: year-round Farm Shares. With creative use of winter cold storage and greenhouse production, we’re now able to distribute our Farm Shares 48 out of 52 weeks each year (for our four, twelve-week seasons).

Our Farm Shares contain a balanced selection of the best vegetables our fields have to offer each week. Our Single-Season and Multi-Season "Classic" Vegetable Farm Shares are half-bushel boxes (approximately 9x9x13 inches), weigh between 10-15 lbs. depending on the season, and are packed to the brim with an average of 10-15 different items each week. Our "Small" Vegetable Farm Shares are packed in third-bushel boxes and include an average of 6-10 types of veggies, totaling between 5-8 lbs. of produce each week. Below are descriptions and examples of the types of veggies and other local products in each season of our CSA.

  • Spring: A combination of our own produce greens from our greenhouses and hearty storage crops in the early spring; fresh mushrooms from our caves; fresh crops from our fields later in the spring such as green garlic, baby salad greens, radishes, herbs, etc. — as well as local pantry items sourced from our favorite farmers and producers across New England. Pantry items include favorites such as freshly ground cornmeal from Elmendorf Baking in Cambridge; Karma Coffee beans roasted just down the road from the farm; fresh bread from local bakeries; preserved and pickled summertime fruits and veggies from local farms; dry beans from Maine, maple syrup from Vermont, and wildflower honey from our friends at Boston Honey Company. As a “Pantry Share,” it is inspired by the many talented producers who supply their artisanal foods to our Boston farmstores year-round, to help satisfy our spring cravings for eating local food, grown and prepared with love.
  • Summer and Autumn (Peak Season): Here’s a detailed look at some of the produce our customers can expect in their Farm Share boxes at three different times in the summer and fall.
    • Early Summer Share: Napa cabbage, rainbow chard, fennel, arugula, spring carrots, fresh herbs, green garlic, hakurei turnips, summer squash, baby bac choi, scallions, spring beets, head lettuce, garlic scapes, shiitake mushrooms.
    • Late Summer Share: Heirloom tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, broccolini, cucumbers, hot peppers, sweet peppers, fresh onions, green oakleaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, Thai basil, zucchini, cured garlic, and blue oyster mushrooms.
    • Autumn Share: Rainbow carrots, butternut squash, watermelon radishes, purple daikon, Tuscan kale, arugula, leeks, escarole, fresh ginger, head lettuce, broccolini, cauliflower, spinach, black pearl oyster mushrooms.
      • Winter: Our Winter Pantry Farm Shares are full of deep-winter vegetables, picked fresh in late autumn when they have reached peak quality from repeated frosts, and then packed away safe and sound in cold storage, where they last in pristine condition for months. Our winter storage crops include our favorite bolero and rainbow carrots, watermelon radishes, kohlrabi, celeriac, onions, beets, Macomber turnips, green and purple cabbages, rainbow daikon, winter squash, and more. Our Winter Shares also include delicate baby salad greens from our heated greenhouses, sturdy cooking greens from our unheated high tunnels, plus, like our Spring Pantry Farm Shares, a weekly loaf of fresh-baked bread and surprise pantry items from our favorite local producers.

      Q: I’m interested in home delivery… What is your current delivery range?

      A: We’re able to reach most areas in Eastern Massachusetts – including addresses within the 495 beltway, throughout the North Shore, Cape Cod, Worcester, Greater Boston and Metro West – as well as to NYC addresses throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you’re unsure if we’re able to reach your town, just ask! You can also view our home delivery range for Eastern Mass here, and the home delivery range for New York City here.

      Q: What happens if I’m out of town or for some reason can’t receive my Farm Share on a designated week?

      A: We encourage you to send a friend or neighbor to pick up your share for you; they can just check your name on the pickup list and they’re good to go! If you get home delivery, just send us your friend's address and we can reroute the delivery for any weeks you're away. Also, with a few days notice, FLEX Share members can easily move around their assigned weeks to accommodate vacation or travel plans; Weekly Share members can accumulate “credits” to use in a future season if they need to reschedule or skip a week. Alternatively, we welcome donations of missed shares toward our weekly Community Sponsored Farm Share deliveries.

      For last-minute changes: If for some reason you’re not able to pick up your share last-minute, we may be able to accommodate, but please note that it’s sometimes not possible. Typically shares are not available for pickup the following day after your designated pickup day. Any leftover Farm Shares are donated to food rescue organizations, sent home with members of our farm crew, put to use in restaurant kitchens, etc.

      Q: Can I change my pickup location/day? What if I want to switch from pickup to home delivery, or vice versa?

      A: Easy! You can update your pickup/delivery preference at any point in the season. Home delivery can be added for $10/week/share, OR removed, with the resulting credit being used towards a future share or applied to a Siena Farms' Market Card.

      Q: I'm a FLEX member  how to I choose my schedule?

      A: The office team beings by auto scheduling FLEX members for every other week, either starting the first or second week of the season. Then, one or two weeks before your CSA season begins, you will receive an email from the farm office with those pickup/delivery dates and other important information. If that schedule doesn't work for you, simply reply to that email with your schedule change requests and we will update and confirm from there. Throughout the season FLEX members are welcome to swap dates and make updates to their schedules  just email to make those changes with at least a couple of days notice. 

      Q: Can I customize the weekly contents of my Farm Share?

      A: Nope! At this time we do not have the systems in place to customize Farm Shares around food allergies or individual preferences. But, we will do our very best to maximize the quality and selection of produce in your Farm Share each week, and we hope you enjoy the weekly adventure of cooking up what is truly your share of the farm's harvest!

      Q: I want to give a Farm Share as a gift, can this be done?

      A: Absolutely! Simply purchase the share with your contact info at checkout, and shoot us a quick email to let us know it’s a gift, and how we can help you present it.

      Q: Does Siena Farms have any work requirements or Pick-Your-Own like some CSA’s do?

      A: Nope! We take care of all the planting, growing and harvesting. However, we normally schedule a couple of large-group volunteer harvest days in the fall to help pull in our fall/winter storage crops (like carrots!), which is a ton of fun, a ton of help to the farm, and a nice opportunity to share in the simple pleasures of harvesting beautiful vegetables. Meantime, as CSA members you’re always welcome to come visit and check out the fields and crops. Just give us a heads up that you’re on your way if it’s not on a CSA pickup day, and enjoy!

      Q: Can we return our cardboard CSA boxes for re-use?

      A: Yes, we just ask that folks return them directly to the farm in Sudbury at 113 Haynes Road, rather than to other CSA pickup sites around the area. You're welcome to come by anytime during the week and drop them off in our CSA "patio", located to the right of the big barn, under the old post and beam outbuilding.

      Q: What if I decide the Farm Share I chose is too much, or too little, for myself and/or my family?

      A: We can make these adjustments at any point in the season. If you’re a FLEX Share member who wants more veggies, you can upgrade to a Weekly Share and start receiving it every week. Alternatively, if you're a Weekly Share member and it becomes more veggies than you need, you can switch to a FLEX Share and we'll credit you toward future seasons. Similarly, if you're a Small Share member and find that it's not enough veggies for you, you can upgrade to the Classic Share at any time, and vice versa. Just email to let us know you want to switch things up and we can send you an invoice for the difference or issue you a CSA credit. 

      Q: How does the e-newsletter work?

      A: All members will receive our weekly newsletter by email, regardless of their pickup/delivery schedule. That is, if you’re a FLEX member during an off-week, you will still see the newsletter in your inbox, as we’ve heard feedback that it can be helpful to receive it every week for recipes and general farm news. If you’d like to add on friends and family who are enjoying the share with you, just let us know, we’re happy to add them to the newsletter list.

      Q: Are Siena Farms' CSA Farm Shares refundable?

      A: Our CSA Shares are not refundable, but they are easily transferable.  Let us explain… If you realize at some point after purchasing your Farm Share that you’re not able to use it for some reason, or just change your mind, too many veggies, too few veggies, you’re moving — whatever it is! — we will still not be able to refund your purchase, even if it’s a totally reasonable request. This is because your investment in the farm will already be out in the fields, in the form of seeds, soil fertility, equipment, labor — you name it! Instead, we’ll encourage you to find a friend or neighbor to take over the membership for you. Another option is to transfer the value of your CSA to a Siena Farms’ Market Card, which you can use to shop with at our retail locations. Meantime, please know that this blanket “no-refund policy” is an integral component of the CSA business model, for any farm that relies on CSA memberships for a substantial portion of their annual income. We thank you in advance for your understanding, and for the trust you place in the team here at Siena Farms when you join our CSA.

      Q: How does pickup work?

      A: You’ll receive an email reminding you of your pickup info and schedule details roughly two weeks before your share begins. Each location has a printed list of CSA members for a given day — just make sure you’re on the list and you’re good to go! If your name is missing from the list, but you are registered for the season, it is because we don’t have you down for a share that day (a.k.a., if you’re a FLEX member and it’s an off-week). If you’re at all confused about your dates, just reach out to our office team by email or phone.

      Q: I’m signed up for home delivery — how will I know when my share is coming?

      A: You will get an email the morning of your delivery with an estimated time of arrival; deliveries typically take place anywhere between 9am-7pm. You can also request to get a text/call when your share arrives, just let us know!

      Q: What happens to my Farm Share if Siena Farms experiences a natural disaster such as flooding or drought during the season that wipes out all of its crops?

      A: Someday, that could happen, as we saw happen to farms in Vermont in 2011 after Hurricane Irene; to many farms across New England during the Great Drought of 2016 and another extreme drought in 2022; and don't forget the widespread flooding rains of this past summer! One of the truly progressive aspects of the CSA model, however, is that customers share the risks and the rewards of each growing season with their farmers, in a very direct way. During a truly challenging season, we may need to supplement our own harvest with crops sourced from neighboring farms, or the diversity and quality of our crops may be diminished, or in the most extreme situations, overall quantity may be diminished. Meantime, we’ll do our very best to prepare for the variety of challenges the changing climate will bring our way, and work to grow you the very tastiest produce we can every season, for many years to come!

      Q: Is there a way for me to view my past Farm Share orders?

      A: Yes! You will get an emailed receipt for every order you submit; make sure to check your promotions tab in case it gets filtered there. Simply click the View Order button in your email to see your registration details.

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