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Farm Pup Share FAQ

Q: A Farm Share for dogs??  Tell me more!

A: Last spring we gained a new four-legged crew member here at Siena Farms — Rory the Farm Pup!  As we fell in love with our little golden doodle, we also realized how many of our farm’s veggies are nutritious and delicious for dogs.  We started collecting leftover produce, imperfect carrots, etc. for Rory and her friends, and suddenly a light went off.  Rather than bypass veggie “seconds” on the farm which don’t make the cut for our regular farm shares, what if we could make use of these veggies which would otherwise be left in the field or tossed into the compost pile? We decided that a Farm Pup Share would be one of several ways to work on food waste reduction on the farm while also contributing to the health and happiness of canines in our CSA community!

Q: What’s included?

A: In each week’s third-bushel box (same size as our Mushroom and Kids’ Share boxes), a selection of fresh, dog-friendly produce will be carefully assembled — crops such as winter squash, carrots, broccoli, beets, corn, peppers, radishes, etc.  Along with our veggies, your pup’s share will include a surprise weekly gift with dog treats and toys from our favorite local producers.  You will also receive a Farm Pup e-newsletter each week with recipes for dog food and treats using that week’s harvest. 

Q: Sounds so fun!  But will this replace my dog’s regular food?  And, can my Farm Pup Share be customized to my dog’s preferences or needs?

A: Our Farm Pup Share is designed to enhance, not replace, your pup’s current diet.  And like our other farm shares, we are not able to customize for food allergies or diet preferences at this time.

Q: What are produce “seconds”?

A: The produce seconds included in your Farm Pup Share will be grown using the same sustainable practices as all of our produce; the only difference is they may be a bit “uglier” than those included in our regular farm shares. Imperfect veggies are very common on an organic farm, so you might see some blemishes or odd shapes and sizes. But of course these visual imperfections don’t diminish the eating quality of the produce, which is still nutritious and delicious.  Rory and her human pack (Farmer Chris, Siena and Chef Ana!) are excited by this new opportunity to make good use of these seconds rather than leaving them in the field.

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