Harvest Manager

Siena Farms’ Harvest Manager is a core member of Siena Farms’ year-round management team.  S/he works closely with a Harvest Co-Manager, other farm managers and staff to carefully and efficiently manage harvest, wash-up, packing, and distribution of our farm products; participate in various aspects of crop production; co-manage the farm’s greenhouse production; co-manage the hiring and training of seasonal farm apprentices; and participate in general farm management duties such as crop planning, business planning, and organizational systems development.  Our Harvest Manager position is a salaried, full-time, year-round position, with a flexible start date between between now and May 2020.  Previous farming experience required; tractor experience preferred but not required.

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Harvest Management

  • Daily/weekly management of harvests, wash-up, and other post-harvest handling activities
  • Management of CSA harvests, packs, and distribution, in close coordination with office manager and driver
  • Management of market and retail harvests and packs, in close coordination with Farmer Chris and retail managers
  • Management of wholesale orders, harvests, and packs, including sending weekly pricelists, compiling and confirming orders, and invoicing
  • Wholesale account management, outreach, and communications, with the goal of increasing sales to restaurants and other wholesale accounts
  • Training and oversight of apprentices and other farm crew members involved with harvest activities on any given day

Greenhouse Management

  • Oversight of weekly greenhouse seedings year-round, according to seasonal field crop plan as well as winter micro-greens schedule
  • Ordering seeds for weekly greenhouse seedings
  • Oversight of daily watering needs and temp control
  • Oversight of disease and pest management in the greenhouse

Crop Production

  • As time, interest, and needs enable, participation in tractor work such as plowing, harrowing, bed-forming, transplanting, cultivating, mowing, amendment spreading, and cover cropping
  • Participation in manual field work such as trellising, pruning, fencing, hand-weeding, hoeing, and irrigation; helping co-managers train apprentices into these tasks


  • Co-managing the hiring and on-boarding of seasonal apprentices; processing applications, interviews, hiring, and orientation.
  • Leading of regular check-ins with apprentices during the season

General Farm Management

  • Participation in seasonal planning meetings to develop annual crop plans and field plans; staffing,  equipment, and marketing plans; and other business development strategies
  • Participation in weekly manager meetings year-round, as well as regular field tours during the season
  • Liaison for apprentices’ C.R.A.F.T farm visit schedule
  • Daily communication with crop production managers to coordinate workflow between harvest priorities and production priorities each day.
  • Leadership in general farm upkeep, cleanliness, workplace safety, and food safety
  • Assisting with repair and maintenance of equipment, buildings, and other infrastructure
  • Participation in periodic farm events such as our Annual CSA Farm Tour and our Annual Old-Fashioned Carrot Pulls
  • Participation and leadership in periodic team-building social events for farm staff

Our Harvest Manager, like all of our employees, is held to the high standards outlined in our handbook for organization, inter-managerial/crew communication, positive attitude, respect and kindness for coworkers, work quality, and professional agricultural work ethic and schedule.  Of all these, respect and kindness for coworkers comes first; everything else follows.

To Apply

Please email a letter of interest and a resumé to jobs@sienafarms.com We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Goals

  • To grow the highest-quality food possible within the realities of our land base, markets, economics, time, and weather, using biologically responsible methods that give priority to the long-term health of our fields, farmers, and customers.
  • To work as intelligently, efficiently, and safely as possible, to gradually increase both our productivity and profitability, and to develop successful growing and marketing techniques that sustain the farm as a business and as a participant a vibrant regional agricultural community.
  • To promote and refine the Siena Farms brand by delivering an exceptional product, providing great customer service, and building a work culture based on respect and kindness.

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