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Wednesday August 10, 2011

Beets for Everyone!

Golden Beets

It’s a shame that there aren’t more beet lovers out there!  Each year we get excited to see them poking through the ground, only to spy their rainbow of colors as we harvest them.  From red ace, to chiogga, to golden and candy stripes – beets are magically delicious!

At Oleana and Sofra they roast them and blend with greek yogurt, lemon juice, dill, garlic and black pepper to make beet tzatziki… to die for!  What about pickling some, grilling, roasting, or even just shaving raw over a summer salad?

Chiogga Beets

Beets, goat cheese and arugula salads are a great balance of sweetness, earth, spiciness (from the arugula), tang and a fresh crunch.

Have you thought about a cold, summer borscht?  In Poland they fill pierogies with this tasty root.  In New Zealand they always add a slab to the top of their favorite burger.  In the Ukraine they serve a beet salad with pickles, carrots, and peas with fresh onion.

Sometimes we like to slice them thinly and roast in a hot oven until they are just a bit toasty on the edges.  A bit of the water evaporates and the sugars caramelize… sprinkle those babies with a touch of sea sale for a salty-sweet side that is pretty darn amazing!

What are you doing with your beets?

Monday August 1, 2011

Bring on the HEAT!

Hungarian hot wax peppers pack a punch!

Have you ever had a Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper?  Don’t let the name scare you – while they do pack in some kickin’ flavor, their spice won’t knock you out like some other peppers.  Their beautiful, waxy skin and neon golden-green color will clue you in on just how special these little guys are.

Our friends at Oleana and Sofra roast them in a hot oven on a sheet pan and then pulse in a food processor until they’re a pulp.  This pulp gets folded in to Greek Style yogurt and is complete heaven with just a squeeze of lemon and a touch of salt. Smear this spicy and cooling yogurt on pita, serve with a grilled vegetable flatbread, or add to your favorite sandwich wrap.

If you felt like stopping by the farm stand for a big bunch of ’em, you could make one of our favorite things – a homemade peperoncino-style pepper pickled with fresh garlic and salt.  There are plenty of good, simple recipes to be found on the web and after a few weeks in brine these babies will be perfection.  (Just make sure to prepare enough for good eating all winter long!)

We’re lovin’ the summer and want to know how you’re enjoying your Siena Farms veggies!
Drop us a note or comment and let us know.

Wednesday July 20, 2011

It’s the height of SUMMER!

Farmer Chris gets dirt under his nails as he shows us potatoes - fresh from the earth!

Sometimes we forget how amazing vegetables fresh from the ground really are.  We’re here every day rolling in the dirt and basking in the sun – working hard to make sure we’re stocking our farmer’s markets with the freshest of the fresh!  Each field is special to us, and we get easily spoiled by snacking on tasty stuff.

It was just last week we invited out the staffs of Oleana and Sofra to see and understand where all their tasty wares start out… in the dirt!  We spent a few hours showing eager folks why we’re so passionate about what we do and a conversation came up.  Do you know that most people have never tasted a “just dug” potato?  When they come straight out of the ground the skins are thin and soft – you can wipe ’em off with your fingers!  The starches also haven’t developed yet so they are more sugar and sweetness than the in-store varieties that have been sitting for who knows how long.

If you love potatoes like we do, try a “just dug” potato this summer.  For us, potatoes are a kin to tomatoes – you can surely get them year-round, but when it’s summer and still warm from the sun, well, they’re the best!