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Wednesday September 21, 2011

Frost warnings

Fall is truly the best month for eating in New England!  Frost warnings late last week gave us a scare as we begin to think about losing our beloved summer crops.  Eggplant in particular has been yielding tremendously this season and continues as we move toward cold weather.  A true frost will destroy the fruit off temperature sensitive summer crops.  We’ll circle the wagons, leading an all-hands harvest the day and night before a true frost picking every last summer crop and storing it in our walk-in.  Last season even Ana and Siena came out to the pepper patch late into the night to help pull in the final harvest as we literally could see the frost forming.  The frost is glorious because of this tradition, but also because it symbolically punctuates summer.  Summer flavors have already begun to change and the presence of winter squash and parsnips are a welcome distraction.   In many ways fall has already begun, but the sugar doesn’t creep into our favorite fall crops until the first frost.  The frost-induced sugar is an attribute unique to New England.  Like citrus in the south, our fall root and brassica crops are only this sweet here in New England.  We are ready for fall!

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  1. Sari says:

    Hi folks – I share your CSA box with my neighbors and I love it. But I’d like to make a request that you send the CSA box email out earlier in the day on Thursday. It’s very helpful to know what’s in the box before I leave work, so I can plan a dinner menu and stop at the market before getting the box. I can’t really unpack the box in my car and it’s a drag to get home and want to make something with the box items – maybe one of the recipes you post – and realize I’m missing ingredients. Yesterday the email didn’t go out until 8pm. Can you send it out before 4pm?

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