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Thursday August 11, 2011

Watermelon Maddness!

Summer watermelons evoke so much nostalgia for New Englanders that is has become a treat we savor year round.  Nothing even comes close to a local, vine ripened watermelon during the beautiful August months.  Their flesh is sugary and sweet, the seeds crunchy and the rind is filled with juice.  When you are done enjoying the red flesh, squeeze the rind and collect the juice.  It will produce noticeably more juice than a store bought watermelon.  Our method of growing does not rely on any herbicidal spraying that makes a conventional watermelon rind unsafe to eat.  This means you can enjoy the juice, pickle the rinds, and savor the natural flavor of this wonderful fruit!  Don’t forget about the endless cocktail possibilities!  Let us know how you enjoy your melons.

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