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Tuesday August 9, 2011

Flaming Fall Carrots

Check out the flame weeder!

Organic farming is a true challenge and every year we choose to make important improvements to our infrastructure in order to maximize efficiency and crop yields.  This year we added a new piece of machinery that may look tame in pictures, but it’s pretty awesome and tough – a large tractor mounted flame weeder!

The flame weeder allows us to kill weed flushes that begin to grow before young seeds germinate.  This is crucial for crops such as fall carrots, where the germination period is long enough for weeds to push their way through the earth.  Just a few short days after planting, the tilled soil begins to show a flush of tiny weeds.  At this exact and very small window in time, our farmers use the flamer to burn the weeds, providing uncontested growth for the new seeds to pop a day or two later.  This process makes the early stages of cultivation easier.  We can also more easily observe the crop’s “stand” (the percentage of the seeds planted that grew).  Flaming is much more eco-conscious and cost effective than many herbicide sprays, we are happy to have it in our repertoire

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi there,

    Came across the blog while trying to find ideas for building our own tractor mounted flame weeder for our organic veggie production in Nova Scotia. Curious if you’re happy with this design? Looks like a 300 lb. tank or so? Is it burning vapour or liquid propane? Are those 6 (or maybe 7?) hoses coming down for 6 or 7 separate burners? And what shape are the burners underneath the shield?

    Great blog, thanks for sharing!

    Alex Redfield
    Selwood Green
    Bramber, NS

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