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Sunday July 31, 2011

Summer weather, rain?

A perfect rainbow over our East Dillon Field

The fields are dry!  This time of in New England water becomes a farmers most valued resource as dry weeks can stretch to dry months.  Last season’s drought lasted from June to September and this season hasn’t been as tough but our summer’s precipitation has yielded little accumulation.  We have devised several alternatives to well-run irrigation, which is not yet a permanent fixture in many of our direst fields.  Max and Avi built a water truck using a hay truck to supply our fall carrots with water during this crucial germination period.  Keeping a close eye on the weather is always part of a farmer’s daily routine, but now we watch with anticipation of rain and wet weather patterns moving from farther parts of the nation.  Luckily for many of our already growing plants, hot and dry weather is exactly what we want this time of year.  “Hot crops;” our tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are established enough to reach for water deeper in the soil and revel in the intense sunshine and warm temps.  Weather aside, these next few days will determine the fate of those crops as we work hard to keep up with pests and rigorous cultivation schedules that can stunt growth or cause failure.  So , needless to say this is a very exciting time of the year!  We are so thankful for what we have already accomplished so far and couldn’t have higher hopes for tomato season and our heavy fall crops.  The crew has been fun-loving, hard working and knowledgeable enough to take us to a new level of productivity this season.  Lets pray for rain!

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